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This fast-paced service is designed to exploit the energy market’s most significant moves… before mainstream money does. And it’s run by the only man on Earth who can do this for you on a consistent basis…

Dr. Kent Moors has been on the front lines of global energy for 30 years now. His connections offer you an unprecedented way to profit from sudden shifts in the dynamics of world energy markets. And now, for the first time, he’s agreed to share the industry’s most lucrative secrets – investment recommendations he reveals to members of his Energy Inner Circle.

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Dear Reader,

Lots of stocks go up.

Over the past 12 months…

61 of the 4,324 stocks on the NYSE have more than doubled.

Of those, 15 have more than tripled.

Yet, if you’re looking to make real money…

I’m talking multiplying even a modest investment up to 10 times over

Then I want to show you something few investors ever discover.

I call it a Lake-Effect Profit Storm.

As you’ll see in a moment…

When specific conditions come together for certain energy stocks…

The resulting Profit Storms could multiply your money up to 10 times over.

Sometimes, much, much more.

These Profit Storms can happen with lightning speed…

Even if crude prices are down.

Just this past year…

Oil prices were declining

Yet investors in Lilis Energy (LLEX) rode shares 3,983% higheran outrageous Profit Storm that took just 12 months to develop!

In May 2016, oil prices were around $43… yet Resolute Energy (REN) exploded into a Profit Storm that produced 1,736%… in just nine months.

And in just 10 months – from April 2016 to January 2017 – Clayton Williams Energy (CWEI) rocketed 1,850% higher.

These Profit Storms broke out while crude prices bounced between $43 and $54 a barrel…

Right where they are right now.

Each stock possessed at least three of the five specific conditions that I look for in a company to produce breakout returns like these.

Now, if you could identify these Profit Storms before they took off

You’d be sitting on a small mountain of money.

Clayton Williams Energy had three of these powerful factors working for it…

And that Profit Storm could’ve multiplied your money more than 19 times.

Resolute Energy boasted four of these factors

And its shares could’ve delivered more than 18 times your money.

Lillis Energy had all five factors

And its Profit Storm could’ve multiplied your moneymore than 40 times in just 12 months.

Just one of these stocks could’ve had a profound impact on your portfolio.

But if you’d put $10,000 into each of these three stocks?

You’d be sitting on $756,900.

How would it feel logging into your brokerage account to see you made over three-quarters of a million dollars… on just three stocks… in just about a year?

Pretty damned good, I’d bet.

In fact, I’d call that life-changing money.

Money to help secure a dream retirement… or buy that vacation house in the mountains you’ve always dreamed of owning… or that beachfront home in the Keys.

Money to give you the freedom to take off and travel the world for a year – maybe even two.

At the very least…

Money like that would let you sleep well at night.

That’s priceless.

And today, I’m going to introduce you to a small West Texas oil company.

Now – thanks to lower oil prices – the West Texas oil fields are the last place anyone’s looking for profits right now.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

Because this small outfit already has all five of the critical factors firmly in place…

And I expect it’s about to create the next great Lake-Effect Profit Storm.

It’s just over a year old – its IPO was in April of 2016.

Yet, despite the fact this outfit went public into weaker crude prices…

Shares are moving – and moving fast.

And for this company, it doesn’t matter if crude falls even farther, because as long as oil stays above $33 a barrel, this outfit makes money.

I’ll give you more details on this small West Texas driller – and the five factors set to drive it up to 10 times higher – in just a minute.

First, I want to show you something truly remarkable.

This is about to get a whole lot better.

Because these Lake-Effect Profit Storms dwarf everything I just showed you.

A small company called Torchlight Energy…

Created a Lake-Effect Profit Storm that racked up gains of 16,557%.

That one stock could’veturned $1,000 into $166,570…

166 times your money.

Sound incredible?

Ask investors in Petrolia Energy.

That small stock showed investors a Profit Storm that produced gains of 8,233%.

That’s 83 times your money.

Explorer and producer American Standard delivered a Profit Storm of 6,900%…

That’s 70 times your money.

A similar thing happened with shares of Victory Energy.

Their Profit Storm generated 2,800% in gains…

Nearly 30 times your money

When an energy stock breaks out to create a true Lake-Effect Profit Storm…

It can generate the kind of wealth unimaginable in other sectors. 

A modest $1,000 in each of the four stocks I just showed you…

Could’ve turned into $348,900.

That’s an average return of 87 times your initial investment.

And if you’d invested $5,000 into each of these Profit Storms…

You’d rack up a sweet $1,740,000.

And if you’d known to invest $10,000 into each of these four oil stocks?

You’d be sitting on a mountain of money…

$3,480,000 to be exact.

Again, extraordinary events producing exceptional gains.

And, of course, some of these huge run-ups took a few years to reach full Profit Storm intensity…

But if you could get in on gains like these… wouldn’t it be worth the wait?

Heck, even a fraction of these gains could help change your life.

And these weren’t the only stocks to break out into Lake-Effect Profit Storms…

There’ve been plenty of others:

Investors in American Sands racked up a gain of 3,200%.

Shares of American Eagle rewarded investors with a sweet gain of 1,978%…

EnerJex investors saw gains of 1,966%….

Petroshale investors – 1,866%.

Comstock Resources – 2,937%

Daybreak Oil & Gas Inc. – 1,433%

Dune Energy – 1,405%

Pioneer Natural Resources – 3,160%

Gastar Exploration – 1,153%

Ring Energy – 1,030%

As impressive as these gains are…

I expect the next Lake-Effect Profit Storm could well be magnitudes bigger than any of the opportunities I just mentioned.

Again – when a company boasts at least three of the five critical factors that must be in place before it runs higher…

It has the very real potential to hand you at least 10 times your money…

No matter what oil prices are doing.

But here’s the thing…

This small West Texas company I’ll be telling you about later already has ALL FIVE of these crucial factors in place…

And there’s something else about this company that I’m going to reveal here that few others have even noticed …

That’s right. In addition to the five factors already driving shares higher…

There’s one other element that’s come together for this small outfit that I’m convinced will rocket these shares further and faster than any of these stocks I just showed you.

Because this small outfit is sitting on top of a potential trillion-dollar surprise…

I’m expecting the details of this surprise will be revealed in the coming months.

When this surprise drops, I predict these shares will launch into true Profit Storm status – and 10 times your money could be just the beginning.

I call it a Lake-Effect Profit Storm for a reason.

As winter rolls in up north, four distinct and specific factors must come together to create the meteorological phenomenon called a lake-effect snowstorm.

You need:

  • A giant body of water like the Great Lakes…
  • Frigid air flowing in that’s at least 23 degrees colder than the temperature of the lake. That way, the storm can suck up all the moisture it wants…
  • A cold front that’s at least a mile and a half above the water to generate the heaviest snows…
  • And strong winds blowing along the longest part of the lake.

When all four elements come together at the same time, you get insanely giant snowstorms like the 88-inch Buffalo blizzard that The Weather Channel covered nonstop.

The same holds true for oil stocks. 

When three or more of these five specific market factors come together…

It can create a true Lake-Effect Profit Storm… capable of burying you in profits of at least 10 times your money.

Sometimes much, much more…

Like 40 times… 70 times… 83 times… or even 166 times your money.

When you consider that over the past 20 years, the whole of the S&P 500 has only gained 172%

You can begin to see how truly remarkable these Profit Storms can be…

And the impact they could have on your wealth.

The profits from any one of the stocks I just showed you would completely transform your portfolio – for years to come.

Now, you can understand that…

When I say I’ve uncovered an energy stock that could make you 10 times your money…

You now know it’s not only possible…

It’s actually a pretty conservative estimate of the kind of money you could be making.

Of course, I want to remind you here…

While conditions right now look perfect for this Profit Storm, I can’t guarantee those kinds of profits from the markets. No one can.

But I think you have the right to decide for yourself if this is the kind of explosive profit opportunity you’re looking for.

And that’s why I want to share my extensive research with you today.

So in just a moment…

I’ll show you how all five crucial factors are in place for this small West Texas company…

And details on that trillion-dollar surprise with the potential to absolutely blow the lid off these shares.

Before I do, allow me to introduce myself.

Because once you understand a little more about me…

You’ll understand the confidence I have in my prediction for this small oil company.

My name’s Dr. Kent Moors.

I’ve been in the energy business for over 40 years.

I’ve been an advisor to nine Oil Majors, the U.S. State Department, and 29 governments around the world.

In fact, the United States, Russia, China, Iraq, and Kazakhstan are just a few of the nations that turn to me for advice on global energy.

I also advise a network of 14 private energy experts – some of the most active players on the global energy finance scene.

I travel the world negotiating with sheiks, ambassadors, OPEC heads, oil ministers, Fortune 500 CEOs…

And if you ever watch CNBC, CNN, or Bloomberg… you may have caught one of my more than 2,100 media appearances…

In short, if there’s anyone who knows this sector better than I do, I haven’t met them yet.

And that means that very little happens in the world of energy that I don’t know about first.

When a deal closes in Hong Kong…

Or a takeover bid is launched in Zurich…

Or a small West Texas company makes a breathtaking new discovery…

I know about it.

I’m not telling you this to brag.

I’m simply stating a simple fact so you’ll take what I’m about to tell you very seriously.

My deep understanding of the energy sector… and of the people and nations shaping its future every day… gives me a unique perspective on the industry.

After 40 years, I understand precisely what makes energy companies tick…

And I can spot exactly when a company shows the signs that have been proven to lead to major profit storms…

You see, I’ve identified five simple factors that separate the winners from the losers.

I call them my Power Gauges.

And today, I’m revealing them in public for the very first time.

Just as meteorologists rely on Doppler radar, satellite imaging, barometric pressure, and other measures to gauge when a giant storm system is developing…

My Power Gauges point me to the exact stocks that could be about to break out into true Lake-Effect Profit Storms…

Capable of multiplying even modest investments by at least 10 times.

And sometimes – as I just showed you – much, much more.

Every successful company must have at least three of these Power Gauges before it can break out.

The more Power Gauges a company has, the greater the odds of a true Lake-Effect Profit Storm.

And when a company lays claim to all five of my Power Gauges?

You’re looking at the very real potential to make crazy money.

The kind of “Royal Flush” that doesn’t come along every day.

In fact, of all the stocks I showed you earlier…

Only four could boast all five:

Torchlight – gained 16,557%

Petrolia Energy – produced gains of 8,233%

Lilis Energy – which shot 3,983% higher

And Pioneer Energy – which gained 3,160%.

The small West Texas outfit I’m about to show you already has all five of my Power Gauges firmly in place… 

So 10 times your money could be just the beginning.

Now before I go any further…

I must tell you something important about this stock.

The timing on this opportunity is crucial.

As I mentioned earlier…

This company is sitting on top of a potential “trillion dollar surprise.”

See, over and above the five Power Gauges expected to create this next great Lake-Effect Profit Storm…

My intelligence confirms a major event that will have a direct and powerful impact on these shares is expected to take place in the coming year.

And when the news breaks, my analysis shows theshares of this small outfit will take off.

Look, this is the first time I’m revealing this research anywhere.

And I’ll give you more details about this event – and why it could have such a huge impact on these shares – a bit later.

For right now, I can tell you this:

The last time something like this occurred, this small outfit cruised 40% higher in just 30 days.

This time around, I’m expecting it to rocket even further.

In fact, when the news I’m anticipating is finally released…

I wouldn’t be surprised to see this stock double in a matter of weeks.

That’s why it’s of paramount importance that you pay close attention to what I’m about to lay out for you here.

And if what I’m saying makes sense to you, you’ll want to move on these shares as quickly as possible.

Will you rack up 16,500%, like Torchlight Energy?

Of course, I can’t promise that… no one can.

But the history of the oil market is filled with millionaire-making situations like this one.

And let me ask you this…

What if it only produces half that? Or a quarter? Or even an eighth of that gain?

One eighth of Torchlight’s performance would give you a cash-on-the-barrelhead gain of 2,000%.

Enough to multiply your money 21 times over.

My five Power Gauges have convinced me this stock is the next Lake-Effect Profit Storm, with the potential to do just that… perhaps even more.

Here’s why…

The Next Great Lake-Effect Profit Storm


Before any company’s stock can launch into a true 10X Profit Storm…

They must first lay claim to what I call the Magic Asset…

That one element absolutely essential for any oil company:

Productive property.

Without the right property, you’re just punching holes in the ground.

Despite what you might think…

Lower energy prices make this the ideal time to start an oil company.

You see, lower prices have forced some companies to sell off excellent land, with proven production and tremendous reserves, just to make ends meet.

Often, these prime properties can be picked up for a song.

And since going public last year, this small outfit’s been on a shopping spree.

They first bought a small exploration and production outfit in the West Texas formation called the Wolfcamp (remember that name – it will be important in a moment).

This was no wildcat operation, hoping to strike oil. This land had proven reserves of approximately 23.2 million barrels of oil… and was already producing more than 5,112 barrels per day.

With that property secured, the next step was finding a little “elbow room”… additional acreage that would allow for extended horizontal wells.

So they purchased 100% of the lease rights to another small operator, with property adjacent to its first purchase.

By the time this outfit was done shopping…

They owned 77,000 acres…

Ofthe most profitable oil in North America.

The Wolfcamp formation boasts the cheapest production costs per barrel of oil.

With costs running as low as $29 per barrel.

Compare that to the Bakken, where costs can hit $70 a barrel…

Or Eagle Ford, where costs are around $68 a barrel…

One reason the oil in the Wolfcamp is proving so incredibly profitable…

Is the shale formation itself.

As you can see…

The oil on this property is stacked like a layer cake…

Offering as many as seven distinct pay zones stacked one on top of another.

That’s 3,000 feet of pure profit potential.

Compare that to the middle of the Bakken, where the oil deposits are only 40 feet deep.

This means the company can access seven distinct layers of oil deposits… for the cost of one single drill site.

Now you can begin to see why this oil is so much more profitable than other regions.

This company I’m telling you about enjoys an average cost per barrel of just $33…

That means that every dollar above that price…

Is practically pure profit.

But here’s where the story gets really interesting…

Just days before the company closed on that second land acquisition…

The biggest oil story in 50 years hit the news.

Earlier I asked you to remember the name “Wolfcamp,” because it would be important.

Here’s why…

In November 2016, the United States Geological Survey published their oil estimates for the West Texas Wolfcamp shale formation – and the results were astonishing.

The Wolfcamp Shale is the largest continuous oil formation in North America, with an estimated 19 billion barrels of oilworth nearly $1 trillion.

That’s three times more oil than the Bakken – and 19 times more than Eagle Ford.

And that’s just the mean estimate. There could be as much as 31.4 billion barrels in the Wolfcamp.

And our next great Lake-Effect Profit Storm company already controls 77,000 acres of Wolfcamp oil.

That means this small outfit is now sitting on an estimated resource potential of more than 600 million barrels of oil.

At $50 per barrel…

That’s worth $30 billion.

The share price would have to increase 10-fold just to match the true value of the reserves projected to be in the ground.

I believe this stock could easily deliver a 10-times gain…

Perhaps even double that again.

Here’s why…

As exciting as the USGS estimate is… there’s one detail hiding in the report that almost no one is paying attention to.

It was hardly mentioned in any of the news stories – and if it was, they failed to grasp the impact this one detail would have.

I’ll give you the complete story in a minute.

But let me tell you this now…

This trillion-dollar surprise could serve as the catalyst that launches this small company into Profit Storm history… and beyond.

Now, one reason I’m 100% confident in my prediction for this stock…

Is because of the second crucial Power Gauge…

The Next Great Lake-Effect Profit Storm

POWER GAUGE #2: The Godfather

After the first Power Gauge – The Magic Asset…

Every outfit must have this second crucial Power Gauge working for it…

Before it can ever hope to deliver a true Lake-Effect Profit Storm.

It must have a “godfather” in charge… an experienced, strong and sharp leader to guide it to become a true Profit Storm.

The man at the helm of this Profit Storm-in-the-making is the greatest oil man of the 21st century – perhaps of all time.

He’s been called “TheGodfather” of the American Oil Renaissance.

And for good reason.

Not since John D. Rockefeller has one man had a bigger impact on global energy.

His one crucial strategic decision back in 2007…

Changed the entire global energy landscape forever.

That one strategic move catapulted the U.S. – once under the thumb of OPEC – back onto the world stage as a major energy player.

Not only did that decision change the energy game forever…

It took the stock of his small spin-off company…

And turned it into a Lake-Effect Profit Storm that handed investors gains of 2,144%.

And now the Godfather is ready to do it again.

He’s been coaxed out of a well-deserved retirement…

And given carte blanche to recreate his impressive success with this new company.

This time, you could have the chance to get in on these shares before they take off.

And if anyone’s capable of catching lightning in a bottle a second time – and duplicating that 2,144% performance – it’s the Godfather of American Oil.

He’s a lifetime oil man.

He got his start working summers as a roustabout in the badlands of New Mexico.

In the 1970s and ’80s, his team developed the first oil projects in Dubai.

Throughout the 1990s, he ran several oil and gas companies.

That’s when he decided to take fate in his own hands.

In 1999, he wrestled control of a small spin-off company out of the hands of one of the biggest players in the market.

By the mid-2000s, that small spin-off had become one of the biggest natural gas companies in the country.

But then in 2007, he made one extraordinary move that would change the world as we know it…

And multiply the fortunes of his investors more than 20 times over.

He looked at the natural gas market… and at the incredible amount of supply being brought up out of the ground…

And he realized all that production had, as he put it, “ruined the gas market for the next 20 years in North America.”

So in 2007, he made a bold move.

He announced he was taking the company out of natural gas…

And into the oil business.

It was a radical decision – and he had a radical idea to make it happen.

He believed that if you could use the same fracking technology that powered the natural gas boom…

And combine it with horizontal drilling techniques…

You could use that “new” technology to extract crude oil locked away deep in the shale deposits.

That process is commonplace today.

But at the time? Most thought he was crazy.

Fracking worked fine for gas. But everyone in the industry KNEW it didn’t work for oil.

The shale wasn’t porous enough, and the oil was too thick, to ever make it work.

He proved them all wrong.

And his innovations opened the Bakken in North Dakota… and a small area of Texas called Eagle Ford… regions once considered unsuitable for this kind of oil production.

The rest is history, as they say.

His one “crazy” decision revolutionized the entire industry – created the shale oil boom – and helped catapult the United States back onto the global oil stage.

It helped bring OPEC to its knees – and changed the shape of the power structure of global energy forever.

And now…

The Godfather of American Oil is doing it again.

As I’ll prove in a moment, there’s every reason to expect his new company…

Could see prices jump as high as $150 a share.

That’s about ten times your money.

And after that …

Well, the last time the Godfather of American Oil was at the helm of a small oil company…

His small spin-off outfit went from $4.12 a share… to $91.90 by the time he retired.

A Profit Storm of 2,144%. More than 21 times your money.

Had you been in on that ride…

You turned every $1,000… into $22,270.

Every $10,000 you had invested became $222,700.

And I’m convinced he’s going to do it again.

Move on these shares now… and you could be getting in on the ground floor of the next great Profit Storm.

As I mentioned earlier… this is a brand new company. Just went public in 2016.

Mom-and-pop retail investors haven’t caught on yet…

But it’s sure got the attention of the big institutional investors.

Companies like Invesco, Vanguard, T. Rowe Price, and Wellington Management have been pouring money into this stock at an amazing rate – buying up millions of shares.

The biggest reason huge institutional money is flowing into this one-year old oil company?

Well, I’d guess it’s because – like me – they’re convinced the Godfather of American Oil is building another energy juggernaut…

And they want in on it before it takes off.

The Godfather has a proven reputation as “rainmaker” in the oil fields, a man who knows how to guide a stock to huge profits.

His last company handed investors over 20 times their money.

And when you take into account that his new outfit has all five of my Power Gauges working for it at once…

I believe he’s ready to do it again.

I mentioned earlier how he changed the energy world with one decision.

Well, he made a crucial decision with this new company…

That could be reaping huge rewards for investors for years to come.

Which brings me to the third of my five Power Gauges…

The Next Great Lake-Effect Profit Storm

POWER GAUGE #3: The Money Fountain

In the oil game…

If you don’t have access to a Money Fountain…

You’re as good as dead.

It’s the one thing the Godfather of American Oil insisted on before he would come out of retirement:

He wouldn’t take over any company unless it had zero debt… and solid financing behind it.

His previous company multiplied investors’ money over 20 times… partly because he insisted on running that company with very little debt.

And he’s doing the same thing with his new outfit.

So… in addition to having the best oil man in the business running this new company…

Outstanding property in the middle of the most profitable oil on the continent

And being at the heart of the greatest oil discovery in U.S. history

His new company is operating virtually debt free.

Because of the Godfather’s reputation in the oil business…

Two financiers enthusiastically agreed to act as his “money fountain”…

These are two of the most experienced moneymen in the business – with a $34 billion war chest at their disposal.

In fact, they founded the commodity trading desk of one of the largest investment banks in the world.

They knew from experience that lower prices would force heavily leveraged companies to unload a lot of highly productive oil fields for bargain basement prices.

So they approached the Godfather… and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

A blank check…

One he’s using to build a new company, capable of surpassing his previous success.

That blank check…

Means he could build this new company with NO debt.

You see, in the oil fields… debt = death.

When oil was over $100 a barrel, a lot of companies loaded up on debt to finance expansion…

And when oil prices pulled back… many of these outfits went belly up.

  • Sabine Oil and Gas – down almost 100%
  • Energy XXI – down almost 100%
  • BPZ Resources – down 94%
  • Quicksilver Resources – sold off in bankruptcy

These companies – and others – were brought down by the combination of lower oil prices, and deadly debt loads.

That’s why the Money Fountain is so important – and one of my five Power Gauges.

Since this new company is operating virtually debt-free… with average production cost of $33 a barrel… every dollar over that price goes right to the bottom line.

And when oil goes back up – profit margins get fatter.

If oil goes down? Well, with zero debt to service… and the most profitable oil on the continent – crude could drop 30% from today’s prices and this company still makes money.

This brings us to my second to last Power Gauge…

The Next Great Lake-Effect Profit Storm

POWER GAUGE #4: The Game-Changer

Combining fracking technology developed in the natural gas fields…

With horizontal drilling in the oil fields…

Became the game-changer behind the explosive, 2,144% growth of the Godfather’s first company…

And changed the face of the global energy market forever.

Once again – new technology is changing the game for his new company.

Technological advances are allowing them to get more oil out of the ground… and are increasing the life-expectancy for each well.

Let me put it another way.

That’s more barrels out of the ground and more years of production for every well.

While much of their technology is proprietary – I can tell you this:

On just one well site – on the largest of their properties – their latest advance in technology allowed them to shatter previous production records

Increasing the 60-day output to 60,000 barrels… from just the very first well!

That’s 50% more oil than the average output of all the wells from the previous year.

And I’ve got every reason to expect, as their well technology continues to advance and improve, it will push production well beyond what we’re seeing now.

Now, let’s talk about the final factor behind all the stocks that run higher…

In fact, without this one Power Gauge, I doubt any stock ever breaks out into a true Lake-Effect Profit Storm…

The Next Great Lake-Effect Profit Storm

POWER GAUGE #5: The 10X Accelerator

A stock can have all four of the previous Power Gauges going for it…

But unless it has the 10X Accelerator…

It’s never going to reach the heights of a true Lake-Effect Profit Storm.

You see, these Profit Storms ONLY happen with small companies.

Every one of the Profit Storms I showed you earlier started out small.

And they delivered outrageous gains for early investors:

Torchlight Energy Resources – 16,500%

Petrolia Energy Corp. – 8,233%

American Standard Energy – 6,900%

American Sands Energy – 3,200%

Resolute Energy – 1,600%

Lilis Energy – 3,983%

Victory Energy – 2,800%

A small $1,000 investment into each of these stocks would have handed you approximately $428,000 in profits…

And my next potential Profit Storm company is small…

Its market cap is less than 1/100th the size of ExxonMobil.

The big players in the oil game – ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch Shell, British Petroleum – they’re great companies…

But they’re no longer great stocks… if you’re looking for outstanding gains.

They’re just too big.

Fact is – you’re not going to see shares of Exxon double anytime soon – let alone hand you 10 times your money.

ExxonMobil produces approximately 5.3 million barrels of oil per day. Royal Dutch Shell, about 3.9 million. BP, 4.1 million.

To move the needle for any of these companies, they’d have to come up with some insanely enormous projects to see any significant movement in share price.

In contrast to the big shots…

This company is just getting started.

In less than one year – they’ve ramped up their production potential by 100%.

And that’s before they tapped into all the oil-soaked layers of that layer cake.

And before they’ve applied all their technological advancements to all their new fields.

And as I was preparing this presentation for you…

The company announced it had acquired yet another property, north of their current locations… bringing their total properties to more than to 88,000 acres of the most profitable oil in the country.

This is the kind of huge leap in capacity known to send shares soaring.

The kind that can only happen to small companies.

With the potential for $30 billion worth of oil in the ground already… this small company could surge 10-fold over the coming months… just to catch up to the value of their oil.

After that?

Well… based on having all five of my Power Gauges already working for it…

Including the Godfather’s experience in growing share prices 20 times higher…

I would not be surprised to see these shares do the same.

Of course, I can’t promise this will happen.

But everything about this stock points to one thing:

10 times your money is not only doable – it could happen sooner, rather than later.

All the Power Gauges are in place.

All my intelligence has been gathered.

And that brings me to one more thing I need to share with you…

The Trillion-Dollar Surprise.

It’s a critical energy announcement from the U.S. government that will have a HUGE impact on these shares.

Here’s the whole story behind the trillion-dollar surprise… and why it could be launching these shares higher and faster than anyone expects.

Earlier, I mentioned that incredible report by the USGS.

They’d determined there are over 200 billion barrels of oil buried deep in the Wolfcamp Shale formation… valued at nearly $1 trillion.

When the USGS announced those incredible results in November 2016…

It sent shares of this small West Texas company shooting higher.

As you can see on this chart…

The apparent impact of that one report was so powerful – it had an immediate effect – pushing shares 40% higher in just one month.

But here’s the real trillion-dollar surprise…

That incredible report… told only half the story.

There’s a small detail in the USGS report that few people noticed.

That could – once again – have a huge impact on these shares.

This detail was essentially ignored by the mainstream media reports about the discovery.

I noticed it right away.

And this one detail could be the trillion-dollar surprise that launches this small stock into a full-fledged Profit Storm… and beyond.

You see, the Wolfcamp Shale formation is divided into two distinct geologic regions: the Midland Basin to the east and the Delaware Basin to the west.

The company I’ve been telling you about?

All of their properties are in the Delaware Basin.

As you can see on this map…

The Delaware Basin is about the same size as the Midland…

Only it’s about 2,000 feet deeper, meaning there’s room for more layers in that oil-soaked layer cake

Here’s the thing.

According to the USGS themselves, all their research – and the entirety of the nearly trillion-dollar estimate for the Wolfcamp oil – is for the Midland Basin only.

As the agency itself pointed out, “the Delaware Basin… was not included in this estimate.”

So, literally, there could be at least twice as much oil as originally estimated.

In other words, there could easily be another trillion-dollars of oil deep in the Delaware Basin of the Wolfcamp formation…

And the Godfather’s new company is sitting right in the middle of it all.

As I’m speaking to you now, the United States Geological Survey is gathering data about the deeper Delaware Basin… right where this company’s properties are located.

And my intelligence shows their findings could be released within the next year.

And because the Delaware Basin is largerand deeperthan the Midland

I’m fully expect the USGS will find the Delaware Basin holds even more oil than the Midland.  

Remember – the estimate for the Midland Wolfcamp made it the largest continuous deposit of oil in North America – four times bigger than the Bakken and 19 times bigger than Eagle Ford and worth nearly $1 trillion.

The treasure trove in the Delaware Basin could be even bigger.

At least another trillion dollars in oilperhaps even more.

When that announcement drops, look for these shares to jump – and jump quickly.

Remember, shares climbed 40% when the first results were announced in November – and the company didn’t even have any property in that region.

Here’s how I see this playing out.

When you put all the pieces together…

The energy savvy of the Godfather of American Oil

The continued expansion in the heart of the Delaware Basin

Virtually debt-free operations and a practically unlimited budget

And technology innovations producing more oil

When the USGS announces their findings for the Delaware Basin…

I’m expecting shares could double in the weeks after the announcement hits.

When that happens…

It could very well be the catalyst that launches this small outfit into the next great Lake-Effect Profit Storm.

Remember: This company sits on top of the potential for nearly $30 billion in proven energy reserves

Yet shares of this company would have to soar 10-fold just to bring asset value in line with market price.

I’m convinced these shares will run at least that far.

Possibly even more.

The Godfather has done it before – and is making all the right moves to do it again.

And the facts show I’m not the only one who thinks so.

As you saw earlier…

Some of the biggest institutional investors are already buying up millions of shares…

And I’m convinced the only reason the big money boys would move millions of dollars into shares of a one-year-old oil company…

Is because they’re confident the man in charge could deliver a 20-times gainer – just as he did before.

You’ve seen how opportunities like these are legendary for generating enormous gains.

In one instance, investors who acted early had the chance to earn as much as 166 times their money.

So when I say I expect the next great Lake-Effect Profit Storm could hand you up to 10 times your investment…

You know now I’m being conservative.

I’ve put together a special dossier on this small company

And I want to get it into your hands today.

It’s titled: TheWolfcamp Wonder – 10 Times Your Money from the Next Lake-Effect Profit Storm…

The report will give you complete, in-depth analysis on each of the five Power Gauges driving this stock higher… as well as the company name… stock symbol… my complete analysis… a detailed look at the Godfather of Oil himself… and, of course, my target price for these shares.

Let me say this…

It is vital that you pay attention to my recommended target price…

Especially when we’re dealing with small stocks.

These small-cap stocks can produce life-changing windfalls, as you’ve seen already.

Yet they also can be incredibly volatile…

So it’s important to make sure you never put up more capital than you’re willing to risk.

Now, this is especially critical…

This report can be yours, absolutely free.

All I ask is that you give my elite investment research service, Energy Inner Circle, a try.

As a member of Energy Inner Circle, you will have immediate access to details about the next Lake-Effect Profit Storm stock I’ve outlined here today…

This information is reserved exclusively for this select group of readers. No one else gets to see it.

Right now, my estimates show that by seizing a ground floor position today…

You could multiply your money 10 times… or more…

And it could happen faster than anyone thinks possible.

Every one of the five Power Gauges is in place:

  • The Magic Asset – CHECK! After three acquisitions, they’re sitting on 88,000 acres and more than 600 million barrels of the most profitable oil on the continent… in the biggest ocean of oil ever discovered, the Wolfcamp Shale formation (that could be twice as large as originally thought).
  • The Godfather of American Oil – CHECK! They have the most successful oil man in the past 100 years at the helm – the same man responsible for changing the global energy landscape forever… while handing investors over 2,100% gains to boot.
  • The Money Fountain – CHECK!They’re operating virtually debt-free, funded by two commodity pros with access to a $34 billion war chest to fuel future growth. With no debt to service, every increase in the price of oil… every expansion of production… will be reflected on the bottom line – and the share price.
  • The Game-Changer – CHECK! Game-changing technology has already produced outstanding increases in production – with just one well beating production averages by 50%-. And expect the man in charge to keep pushing for continued innovation… and even-bigger production gains.
  • The 10X Accelerator – CHECK! Like all the Lake-Effect Profit Storms I showed you, this is a small company (1/100th the size of ExxonMobil) – and with $30 billion in oil – shares could rise 10-fold just to bring the share price in line with the value of the oil.

I want you to see this exclusive dossier as quickly as possible…

And again, given the extremely lucrative profit potential for this recommendation, it’s critical for you to follow my suggested buy-in price for the chance to achieve optimal results.

After all the history of the American oil business is filled with millionaire-making Lake-Effect Profit Storms like this one.

You saw many of them earlier.

The next Lake-Effect Profit Storm is just a small taste of what’s in store for you…

Energy Inner Circle gives you a place at the most elite table in the world… oil.

With access to the same type of research that many of the wealthiest, most sophisticated energy investors on the planet have paid top dollar to access.

I’m talking about billionaire energy tycoons, royal families, and Sovereign Wealth advisors with the investment power to make or break small countries.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been deep inside the global energy scene for 40 years.

I hold a powerful position in the rarified world of global energy.

Over the years, I’ve developed a unique network of high-level players: sheiks, ambassadors, OPEC heads, oil ministers, Fortune 500 CEOs, and others….

These people are the movers and shakers of the energy world…

And as a member of my Energy Inner Circle, I’ll bring you “face to face” with the energy elite on a regular basis.

Let me give you a sense of what life is like on the inside of Energy Inner Circle.       

It all begins with access.

I’m always on the move… from Algiers, to London, to Abu Dhabi, Paris, Frankfurt, Zürich, Tehran…

Yet, as an Energy Inner Circle member, no matter where business takes me…

I maintain a strong and ongoing connection with my readers…

The moment your Energy Inner Circle membership is confirmed…

You’ll receive a private email address, accessible by me and my team only.

This email address uploads to an encrypted server…

That I can access from anywhere on the planet via global satellite device.

Not only that…

You’ll receive a private number that keeps you dialed in to the Energy Inner Circle member services team.

If you have a question, a concern, a comment, or even an idea…

I want to know about it.

Now, in advance of my travels, I will provide you with my detailed itinerary, so you’ll always know where I am, the extent of my meetings, and how long I’ll be on the ground.

That way, you’ll always be in the know.

Whether I’m in Paris, talking to high-level financiers about the next big mergers and acquisitions spree about to take place…

Or I’m in England, at Windsor Castle, for an annual, invitation-only meeting with the global energy elite…

You’ll always have a “seat” right beside me.  

As an Energy Inner Circle member, you’ll be dialed into the biggest developments in global energy – often before the mainstream financial media have any idea what’s happening.

That kind of in-depth, lightning quick access can translate into big, quick profits.

For example, on a recent trip to London, I was 35,000 feet over the Atlantic when my team alerted me, via satellite, that a position we were monitoring had released a spectacular earnings report.

In the blink of an eye, I was in contact with my Energy Inner Circle readers via mobile text message, directing them to my urgent alert.

Folks who listened to me had a chance to grab a 118% gain when the market opened in New York.

Opportunities like this are the norm for Energy Inner Circle Members.

In fact, my readers have already locked in gains of 455% in Golar… 394% in Headwaters… 351% in Western Refining… 325% in Valero… and 214% in Delex.

And across my services, I’ve given readers a chance at even more gains, including a 368.4% score in Cheniere Energy.

Cheniere is an interesting case because it gave my readers so many chances to profit throughout a single year – 10 triple-digit winners in all.

They closed out gains of 181.4%… 195.7%… 279.7%… all the way up to 368.4%.

And that was from ONE STOCK!

And the speed at which these profits come can be breathtaking, like gains of:

  • 300% in 29 days
  • 352.63% in 24 days
  • 220.95% in 51 days
  • 542.86% in 26 days.

And it gets even better, because on average…

Every 73 Days, One of Our Picks Doubles!

Since I launched Energy Inner Circle, my readers have had a chance to double their money in a different trade every 73 days on average.

Most investors go years between having the chance to double their money.

Not the case for my Energy Inner Circle members.

For them, it’s just par for the course.

Add it all up, and I’ve shown my readers 30 triple-digit wins and counting

In addition, I’ve shown them 93 double-digit scores, including hefty gains of 79%, 87%, 93%, 99%, and dozens more.

And now this next great Lake-Effect Profit Storm is shaping up to be one of the biggest gainers ever.

Remember, the Godfather of American Oil guided his last company to over 2,100% gains…

And I believe he’s set to surpass those gains with his new company.

Of course, there’s the trillion-dollar secret

When the first big announcement was made last November – that nearly a trillion dollars’ worth of oil was buried in the Wolfcamp…

Every outlet reporting the story looked only at the giant numbers…

But ignored the one detail I saw right away…

That there could be twice as much oil as originally reported…

And that this small company was sitting right in the middle of it all.

My intelligence confirms that the next big announcement – the one likely to launch the Godfather’s small outfit into a true Profit Storm – will happen in the coming year.

This is exactly the kind of up-close-and-personal access you can expect to see every day as a member of Energy Inner Circle.  

Come aboard now, and you’ll get all my intelligence and recommendations for a full year.

However, there’s something that makes this different from any other research service you might see…

In addition to the regular alerts and recommendations…

When unique situations create powerful profit opportunities I want to bring you in on the details about these “inside” deals and fast-moving situations.

I’m not talking about run-of-the-mill stock trades.

I’m talking about the kind of plays typically reserved for the energy elite – the movers and shakers who look to me for insights into the energy markets.

As a member of Energy Inner Circle, you’ll automatically begin receiving my private communiqués…

I call these my Dark Files.

Like dark pools, where institutional investors move millions of dollars in complete privacy, known only to other big-money investors…

My Dark Files are private communiqués sent from me to my readers – strictly for your eyes only.

These Dark Files contain highly sensitive and valuable information and must remain completely confidential.

So I must insist – DO NOT FORWARD these Dark File communiqués to anyone, even close, personal friends.

TheDark Files will give you a weekly rundown of the global oil markets in a way only a true insider like myself can provide.

Of course, it goes without saying…

Though these Dark Files are private communications with my readers, containing sensitive market information…

There’s nothing remotely illegal about the intel you’ll be seeing from me every week.

What you will be getting…

Is the same type of insanely lucrative correspondence I share with my network of princes, sheiks, CEOs and oil ministers – delivered right to your inbox every week.

Now, let me tell you about yet another unique experience you’ll enjoy as an Energy Inner Circle member…

This is the next best thing to sitting beside me at the most important energy meetings and private, invitation-only conferences in the world.

To really understand global energy dynamics, you must experience it firsthand.

I spend my days traveling the world, jetting to exotic locations, meeting oil dignitaries, negotiating with sheiks, and toasting profits with princes.

Wherever I go, I want you to “be there with me” every step of the way.

That’s why, as an Energy Inner Circle Member, you’ll enjoy exclusive access to my Energy Live! Broadcasts

These video briefings are recorded live, from the road, and will take you inside the world of energy in a way most people can only imagine.

We’re going to be “meeting” with the top players in the world, folks with billions of dollars on the line every day.

And my Energy Live! Broadcasts give you a fly-on-the-wall seat, so you can see the faces, meet the players, and get an up-close-and-personal taste of an international deal in action.

I’m confident you’ll find the Energy Live! Broadcasts extraordinary…

More than mere information – I’ll be introducing you to the breathtaking action that reveals the inner workings of billion-dollar energy negotiations.

And again…

This is just a taste of your life inside my Energy Inner Circle.

One of the things I love about my work in energy is having direct access to industry insiders.

They are, hands down, the most fascinating people in the world

Like the Godfather of American Oil…

And I’ll “introduce” you to other CEOs… as well as Oil Ministers, power players, and even dictators…

These are my people.

And as an Energy Circle Insider, you’re going to “meet” some of my closest friends on a very intimate level.

See, I’ve arranged to give my readers a “private audience” with some of the most powerful energy players in the game today.

I’ll be conducting a series of one-on-one sit-downs with energy insiders…

Now, because of security issues, most of these Up-Close & Personal pow-wows will be conducted from an undisclosed location.

But you’ll be in the front row, watching via video, as I grill these insiders on everything from oil prices to new ventures to upcoming mergers and everything in between.

You’re going to be amazed. When these guys get talking… you won’t believe the details they reveal.

Make no mistake: Up-Close & Personal is an absolute MUST.

I’ll also be conducting my Monthly Roundtables.

These are bare bones, no frills deep-dives into the latest energy developments.

I’ll be broadcasting directly from my desk… wherever I am in the world.

If you’re looking for a detailed summary of the current state of global energy markets, as well as my special “Off-the-Record” recommendations…

The Monthly Roundtable is the place to be.

I’ve been in the energy business for 40 years. I’m plugged in like no one else, and I can analyze global fluctuations with an almost sixth-sense.

About once a month, I’ll see an opportunity ripe with profit potential…

Yet, for a variety of reasons, I feel the need to keep it “off the record”… and not part of my regular portfolio of recommendations.

So instead of sending out a formal alert or report… I’ll reveal it quietly in these Monthly Roundtables.

These off-the-record plays offer exceptional upside… so you’ll need to pay particular attention to these Roundtables

Now, let me tell you about my favorite part of Energy Inner Circle

Energy brings together players from all over the world… all focused on one ultimate goal:

Amassing wealth.

As an industry insider, I’ve learned that nothing happens in a vacuum.

What happens in Russia…

Impacts what happens in Australia.

What happens in Tehran…

Influences what transpires in New York.

And what occurs in the Bering Strait…

Effects what happens in China.

Everything is connected.

And when you can harness the synergy, something magnificent happens…

That’s why, no matter what’s happening in the energy markets, I insist my Energy Inner Circle members come together on a regular basis, via our Monthly Summits

These conference-call style meetings spark new ideas, information, and insights.

Quite frankly, these monthly summits bring together global events… “secret” activities… power plays… and price movements in a way you could never accomplish on your own.

The intelligence, the knowledge base, and the expertise brought to you on our Monthly Summits is like nothing else in the industry.

And you’ve got the chance to listen in and experience it all for yourself.

Again, the intel you’ll be receiving could never be considered illegal…

But it will give you the deepest dive possible into the most lucrative market in the world…


By now, you’re probably wondering how much a Membership in Energy Inner Circle costs…

That’s the very best part of all.

In fact, Energy Inner Circle has a very modest listed price.

Ordinarily, it costs $4,000 to join Energy Inner Circle.

And that’s a bargain.

Heck, the independent research team I work with charges $20,000 a year for its institutional research… and that’s just for our raw data stream of the breaking news in energy.

Don’t worry – you won’t be forking over 20K…

And you won’t even have to pay the retail price.

In fact, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you see the discount I’ve arranged for you.

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Before I do, I have something else I want to give you.

In addition to your exclusive dossier on the Wolfcamp Wonder

I want you to have my URGENT Special Situation Report

Special Situation Report #1: The Oil Price Briefing: Why Higher Crude Prices are Inevitable.

My unique circle of contacts and confidants in the global energy scene gives me access to “Big Picture” intelligence and raw data few ever get to see.

And in this Special Situation Report, I’ll show you what’s really happening with oil prices – and why higher crude is an inevitability.

In this report, you’ll discover:

  • What’s really happening with OPEC, and why
  • Why one investment bank is betting oil will hit $70
  • The hidden forces soon to be driving crude higher
  • Why the recent meltdown in energy prices is great for investors today
  • The one “out” for American crude that will keep oil prices rising for years to come
  • And much more.

This Special Situation Report will let you see exactly what I see when it comes to energy prices – and how it’s setting up some investors today to become insanely wealthy, very soon.

Much of this information I’ve never discussed publically before. So, this Special Situation Report is definitely “for your eyes only.”

This is just the beginning of what you can look forward to as a member of my Energy Inner Circle.

Let me summarize everything you’ll get:

  • Urgent Action Alerts: I send these directly to your inbox so you can move on them quickly. These immediate alerts give you my exact recommendations (including specific “buy” and “sell” instructions) for making money as the biggest opportunities emerge on a daily basis…
  • The Dark Files: My private communiqués bringing you the same type of confidential information I share with Sheiks, OPEC heads, and oil dignitaries…
  • Energy Live! Broadcasts: Video debriefings recorded live from the most exotic locales in the world, giving you a live-action glimpse inside the world of global energy dynamics…
  • Monthly Roundtable: This is strictly business. An in-depth breakdown of the global energy markets. You’ll also get my “Off-the-Record” recommendations. You do not want to miss this…
  • Up-Close & Personal: Your own “private audience” with energy insiders…
  • Monthly Summits: Join with some of the sharpest, wealthiest, and most fascinating people in the world. The camaraderie and fellowship you’ll enjoy with these high-end aficionados are priceless.

Of course, you’ll also get complete 24/7 web access… regular portfolio updates… and so much more…

And remember, the moment you agree to give us a try, you’ll get my latest intelligence dossier titled The Wolfcamp Wonder: 10 Times Your Money from the Next Lake-Effect Profit Storm

This tiny company is sitting on nearly $30 billion in proven energy reserves.

That means shares would need to soar 10-fold just to bring market price in line with asset value.

Institutional money has been pouring in… scooping up millions of shares since the company went public in 2016.

You can bet these guys know what’s about to happen…

Especially if, like me, they’re true believers in the ability of the Godfather of American Oil to duplicate his past success – and turn this small outfit into a 2,144% juggernaut.

Your special dossier, The Wolfcamp Wonder: 10 Times Your Money from the Next Lake-Effect Profit Storm!…

And your Special Situation Report – The Oil Price Briefing: Why Higher Crude Prices are Inevitable

Are unavailable anywhere else.

Only members of my Energy Inner Circle will have access.

And I want you to have these as quickly as possible.

Considering our subscribers could have doubled their money on a different trade every 73 days on average…

And the potential to make as much as 10 times your money on the next Lake-Effect Profit Storm recommendation I’ve been discussing with you today….

This next Profit Storm must be acted on quickly

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Opportunities of this magnitude have been known to give folks a chance to turn $1,000 into more than $166,000…

Today, I’m delivering to you another possible Lake-Effect Profit Storm…thanks to a company with similar upside potential.

I’m sure you’ll agree.

That’s as fair as it gets.

Again, time is of the essence.

Click the button below now.

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You’ll also have your hands on my Special Situation Report – that lays out the industry intel on the truth about crude oil prices… and why now is the time to position yourself for profits.

But you must act now.

Remember, this small West Texas outfit is sitting on nearly $30 billion in proven reserves…

Meaning it has the potential to soar 10-fold… and still be grossly undervalued.

And when the next USGS report hits the news – watch out. These shares could rocket even higher.

Ask yourself this… six months from now… when people are talking about all the money made from this one little stock, will you be celebrating… or will you be shaking your head, wishing you’d made this one simple move when you had the chance?

Your decision couldn’t be simpler.

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The opportunity is right in front of you.

Seize it today.

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My name is Dr. Kent Moors

Thank you for your time.

I look forward to working with you.


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July 2017

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