The Little-Known Energy Sector That’s Now in Trump’s Crosshairs

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), for better or worse, has huge influence over the U.S. energy markets. So President-elect Trump’s nomination of Scott Pruitt as the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is understandably grabbing a lot of headlines. For one, Pruitt has made no apology for his adamant opinion that the EPA[…]

Exactly How Rising U.S. Production is Affecting You

Since last Friday’s close, crude oil prices have dropped just over 4%. The reason is simple: concern over rising U.S. shale oil production. Indeed, ever since the November 30 meeting in Vienna where OPEC promised to cut oil production, the U.S. response has been the focus of global markets. What happens here may well decide[…]

How Trump’s Exxon Pick is Changing Global Oil Markets

Readers of Dr. Kent Moors’ intelligence briefings over at Energy Capital Research Group – an energy data analytics and price forecasting firm co-founded and chaired by Kent – recently saw his piece on how the incoming administrations pick for Secretary of State could shake global oil markets. To get these briefings as soon as Kent[…]

Look How Oil Markets Are Being Manipulated Now

Yesterday, the crude oil rise bandwagon halted after a “surprise” increase in U.S. oil stockpiles. The weekly American Petroleum Institute (API) survey of analysts predicted a crude oil drawdown of as much as 4.1 million barrels. Instead, the official figures from the Energy Information Administration (EIA) showed an unexpected increase of about 2.3 million. That[…]

Why I’m Paying Close Attention to the Looming UK Blackout

The UK is on the verge of another energy crisis. Like clockwork, these seem to hit the country almost every year. And it’s crucial to pay attention, because what’s happening over there shows the strength and opportunities of the energy market here at home. Earlier this year, as veteran readers will remember, the Brexit vote[…]

The Secret Source of Tomorrow’s Energy Profits

With OPEC’s Vienna Accord to cut oil production, Russian production moves, and projected post-election oil and natural gas prospects in the U.S., the market’s attention has been focused on the supply side of the market. But it’s the demand side that’s now once again moving up – across a rather broad spectrum of energy sources,[…]