The Biggest Profit Boom of 2014

Dear Reader,

A crisis is brewing…

See that big gap where the arrow is pointing?

It represents 16% of the entire world's supply of electricity…

This exact same gap happened twice before in the history of energy. And both times, it sent a handful of companies soaring over 1,000%.

Of course, these are exceptional events. And not every company went up 1,000%. As you'll see, some went up 500%. Some went up 600%. Some didn't go up at all. 

Point is, if you had the foresight to position yourself correctly, you could've seen life-altering gains.

In fact, the last time it happened, folks who saw the signs and got in early had the chance to turn $1,000 into $1 million with a single trade. 

Paladin Energy went from 1 cent to $10… that's good enough to turn $1,000 into $1 million.

You see, if you take 16% of the world's electricity off the grid… the entire global economy would collapse. Think about it…

The world's financial system – including banks – would shut down.

Transportation around the world would come to a standstill…

The internet, as well as our entire mobile communication network, would go dark.

Hospitals, businesses, schools, not to mention governments, would be rendered helpless.

Supply lines carrying food, water, and medical supplies around the world would be blocked.

Bottom line: There would be total chaos…

As panic sets in, the world will throw trillions of dollars at research and resources to fix this crisis. That's where people get rich. In the frenzy.

Again, this has happened twice before. It's like a massive pendulum swinging. It swings up, you get in and make a fortune. It swings back, you cash out and haul your winnings to the bank.

And make no mistake: The pendulum is starting to swing…

Already, Saudi Arabia, the country with more oil and energy than anyone on the planet, is investing $80 billion in this one type of electricity.

In fact, nearly every nation on the planet – including the United States, India, Brazil, and Russia – is rushing to expand their use of this type of electricity.

China is so worried, they're planning on boosting their use of this electricity 10-fold… an incredible 1,000%.

Like I said, this exact same situation has happened twice before in the history of energy. And as the chart shows, it's happening right now.

To help you take advantage of this situation, I've prepared this special investigation to show you what's at stake and what the potential is for making money on this crisis.

Please understand: This is a special situation. One that comes up very rarely. Yet when it does, it creates a whirlwind of activity, panic and profits – for the right people.

Now, there's no guarantee that companies will explode on the same level as before, but there's also no denying that this situation holds a unique opportunity that comes along, at most, every decade or so. 

And listen: No one is talking about this story right now. It's completely off the radar…

In other words, this is a pure ground-floor opportunity…

The only reason I know about it, is because I've been an insider on the world energy scene for the last 35 years.

In fact, I'm in direct contact with the key players – government officials, policy makers, energy companies, and insiders – that will drive this situation into a staggering profit opportunity.

Let me explain…

35 Years on the Inside

My name is Dr. Kent Moors…

If my name sounds familiar, maybe it's because you've seen my analysis in Money Morning or The Money Map Report.

Or perhaps you've seen me breaking down energy policy on CNN, BBC, ABC, Bloomberg TV, Fox Business Network, or other major media outlets. I'm a regular guest and have appeared over 1,400 times as a featured commentator.

I'm also an advisor to 27 world governments…

In fact, the U.S., Russia, China, Iraq, Australia, and Kazakhstan are just a few of the nations that turn to me for advice on global energy dynamics.

In addition, I've advised every major agency of the federal government on energy matters… not to mention numerous U.S. states and governors. 

Plus, just about every major energy company on the planet.

In fact, I'm a consultant to six of the world's top 10 oil producers, and I'm currently helping seven global oil companies restructure their businesses.

Bottom line: I know the most important people in the industry – the world's biggest buyers and sellers of energy… and the policymakers who make the rules.

Now, I don't tell you this to brag. I tell you to make sure you'll give what I'm about to say serious consideration.

Right now, a severe energy crisis is looming…

If it's not resolved, it's going to decimate the global economy. Remember the chaos on 9/11? 

Financial markets closed. Transportation ground to a halt. Business shut down. There was panic in the streets.

Take that and multiply it by 1,000… and that's what we're looking at.

Like I said, this has happened twice before in the history of energy. 

Both times, it created a slew of new millionaires.

In fact, the last time this happened, folks who got in early and followed the right signs had a chance to turn $1,000 into $1 million. And that's on just one trade…

The evidence makes the case: This crisis is happening again for the third time. And while it's not 100%, there's no denying this opportunity could change your life.

I've been tracking this situation for eight years waiting for the right moment to get in. And I can tell you without a doubt:

The pendulum is starting to swing and the upside is going to be huge. 

In just a minute, I'm going to show you a handful of specific, simple ways to play this for massive potential gains. 

But first, let's break down the facts so you can see for yourself why this is as close to a sure-bet as you can get.

Desperation Sets In

The thing that makes this opportunity so lucrative is it involves a sector of the energy market that no one's paying attention to.

You see, most of the headlines are focused on oil, or natural gas, or coal. But there's one thing out there no one is looking at. 

I'm talking about electricity…

Now, most people don't give electricity a second thought. You flip a switch, the lights go on… all good, right?

But listen: I advise the leaders of 27 countries, and I can tell you right now… every single one of them is focused on electricity. In fact, it keeps them up at night.

That's because one of the most strategic issues facing any country is securing the electricity resources needed to power its economy… feed and house its people… and protect its borders.

Think about it. The world runs on electricity. 

Our lights, our computers, our mobile phones, our TVs, our air conditioning…

Turn off the electricity and you shut down schools, hospitals, businesses, security systems, defense systems, transportation, banking, telecommunications, financial markets… everything.

And seriously, even a tiny disruption in the world's electricity supply – less than 1% – has proven catastrophic. 

Look what's happening right now in South Africa. Torrential rains soaked their coal supply and they had to go to rolling blackouts to preserve electricity. 

It pulled the plug on the economy! It shut shops, businesses, factories, and the airports.

According to Peter Montalto, a London economist, the outages could cut South Africa's GDP by .2% per day.

That's $768 million per day! $32 million for every hour the lights are off…

In fact, when this happened to South Africa in 2008, it cost their economy $50 billion.

And get this: The California Alliance for Energy did a study on what pending summer blackouts would cost California businesses.

The numbers were staggering. We're talking $21.8 billion in lost productivity. $4.6 billion in lost household income. And 135,000 lost jobs.

Devastating. And listen: In these instances, we're only talking about a small percentage of global electricity. A fraction of 1%.

Imagine if a full 16% of the entire world's electricity was unplugged indefinitely… 

We are on the Brink

There would be utter chaos. The financial losses would be in the trillions. Without question, we'd see major countries shut down. Transportation would grind to a halt.

It would shut down the internet. Shut down mobile phone networks. Shut down hospitals and governments and schools and the financial markets, including your local bank.

Shut down supply chains that carry food and essential goods and services to people around the world.

Bottom line: The cost of a 16% electricity void would result in the massive loss of human lives and trillions of dollars.

And make no mistake, we are on the brink of a crisis…  

I showed you the chart. Here it is again. You see that arrow?

It's pointing right at a 16% electricity void that could decimate the global economy…

Of course, world leaders aren't going to let that happen. And in the rush to solve the crisis… you have an extraordinary opportunity.

This has happened twice before. Both times millionaires were created. 

Imagine turning $1,000 into $1 million with a single trade. That's exactly the kind of opportunity savvy investors had in 2003… the last time this crisis emerged.

Think of it… imagine if you had put $10,000 into that trade. You could be sitting on $10 million…

And you know what? This time the gains could be even bigger… Make no mistake: The pendulum is starting to swing, and folks who know how to play this stand to make a fortune.

I'll show you how to get in on the ground floor in just a moment. But first, let me show you why this crisis is unfolding right now. 

The Critical Mix

Here's something else that keeps world leaders up at night.

It's called "electricity mix," and it's vital to a country's economic well-being, as well as their national security.

You see, when it comes to electricity, nations can't rely on just one or two sources.

Energy security requires a mix of sources… 

In other words, to protect borders, feed and house people, and keep the economy running, you can't depend on just one power source.

In fact, maintaining a diverse mix of electricity is crucial in order to protect against fuel price increases and supply disruptions.

Remember what happened to South Africa when their coal got soaked? They didn't have an adequate mix and it cost them $768 million per day…

Rep. Ed Whitfield (R-KY), Chairman of the Subcommittee on Energy and Power, puts it this way:

"Sound energy planning means you don't rely on one energy source, in essence putting all your eggs in one basket."

Bottom line: You gotta have a mix. And when it comes to electricity, there are four reliable ways you can get it…

You've got oil…

You've got coal…

You've got natural gas…

And then there's a fourth way… a way that's becoming perhaps the most important source of electricity on the planet.

Now, I'm not talking about wind or solar or some other intermittent energy source that goes in and out with a change in the weather.

I'm talking about a proven, reliable source that's already an essential cornerstone of the global energy mix.  

In fact, it accounts for a whopping 16% of the entire world's electricity supply. 

Some countries rely on this for over 75% of their electricity. And in the U.S., this already powers 1 in 5 homes… at the ridiculously low cost of 2.4 cents per hour.

You simply can't do that with oil, gas, or coal. And it's easy to understand why.

You see, this fuel is remarkably powerful… with over 9,500 times the energy equivalent of oil.

At the same time, it's astoundingly cheap. Consider this:

You could run China for three days on oil… or you could run for an entire year on this fuel… for the very same cost.

Powerful. Cheap. And because of its remarkable density, you can store a five-year supply of energy in a two-story house.

This provides tremendous security and reliability for countries that import their energy from volatile places like the Middle East or Russia.

For these reasons, this fuel is an irreplaceable component of the world's energy mix. 

We simply can't do without it. In fact, when Japan tried to replace this fuel with oil, natural gas, and coal… their electricity bills soared five-fold.

It nearly bankrupted the country! 

And make no mistake: Demand for this fuel is absolutely surging. 

Nearly every nation on the planet – including the U.S., India, Brazil, and Russia – is rushing to expand their use of this fuel.

Britain's Energy Secretary Chris Huhne calls this fuel vital to his country's future. 

China is planning to boost their use of this fuel 10-fold… an incredible 1,000%.

Even Saudi Arabia – land of cheap oil – issued a royal decree stating that this fuel is "essential to meet the Kingdom's growing energy requirements." 

Look: The Saudis are sitting on 267 billion barrels of oil, enough to last 100 years. Plus, they have enough natural gas to last 130 years. And yet, they're investing $80 billion to make this fuel a major component of their energy mix…


They can't afford not to.

In fact, Exxon says the world will have to DOUBLE its use of this fuel if it's going to meet its surging electricity demand.

And here's the thing: While demand of this fuel surges… supply has come to a screeching halt.

In fact, as you'll see in a moment, this industry just experienced a devastating 95% supply cut.

With annual demand already exceeding annual supply by 40 million pounds, the only thing keeping the price of this source in check is existing stockpiles.

But those are disappearing at the pace of about 465,000 pounds per day. It's only a matter of time – six months at the most – before existing stockpiles are depleted.

If that happens, 16% of the world's electricity will vanish… lights off!

Of course, world leaders aren't going to let that happen. And, as you'll see in a minute, there happens to be a simple solution to this crisis:

The price of this fuel must rise. And rise it will. It's inevitable.

The pendulum is starting to swing… and people who act now could make a small fortune.

Again, this has happened twice before…

The first time was in 1973. A supply gap formed. Fuel prices rose to fill the gap. And early investors made a fortune as fuel prices soared 10-fold.

The second time was in 2003. Same exact scenario. 

Surging demand…

Vanishing supply…

And rapidly disappearing stock piles…

What happened? That's right, the fuel price skyrocketed to fill the gap.

In fact, it jumped 13-fold. 

That's a 1,300% gain… good enough to turn $10,000 into $130,000.

I think you'll agree, that's spectacular. But it's nothing compared to what fuel stocks did.

Get this: One company went from 1 cent to $10 per share. Take a look at the chart:

That's a stunning 100,000% return… good enough to turn $1,000 into $1 million in just four years' time.

Amazing… and it wasn't the only big winner. Not by a long shot.

One company jumped 500%…

Another jumped 600%…

Another bolted 1,100%…

Another one jumped 1,200%…

Another soared 5,000%…

I could go on and on…

But here's the important thing for you to understand: History is about to repeat itself…

I've been tracking this situation for eight years… watching as it unfolds. I can tell you without a bit of doubt, this is happening now.

And I'm not the only one who thinks so. 

According to Rob Chang, an analyst at Cantor Fitzgerald, this fuel is set for a "violent move higher."

George Soros just doubled his investment in this fuel.

Goldman Sachs is sitting on 5,500 tons of this fuel – that's 11 million pounds – just waiting for the price to rise.

And Bill Gates is so bullish on this, he started a new company to provide this fuel.

I suggest you get in as well. I'm going to show you how in just a moment. But first, let's take a look at exactly what's causing this supply gap… and how it will be resolved.

World Leaders Agree: This Fuel is Vital

As I mentioned, I advise 27 governments on energy matters. And I can tell you right now, every single one of them considers this fuel vital to the world's energy mix.

In other words, we can't do without it. Period.

That's because this fuel can do what oil, natural gas, and coal can't.

Like I said, it's 9,500 times more powerful than oil… and 100 times cheaper.

And get this: This fuel is 100% clean. In fact, it generates zero greenhouse gas emissions.

In other words, unlike oil, natural gas or coal… it won't kill the planet.

As you probably guessed, I'm talking about uranium… the fuel that generates nuclear power.

Now, I realize nuclear power is very controversial, especially after the accident in Japan in 2011. 

And maybe you're in favor of nuclear power, and maybe you aren't.

But the fact remains, nuclear power is an essential part of the global energy mix, accounting for 16% of the world's electricity.

It is flat-out irreplaceable. As you'll see in a moment, trying to replace nuclear power with oil, gas, or coal would be a disaster.

Point is, nuclear power is here to stay. Again, it's powerful and it's cheap.

And it's incredibly dense. To put it in perspective, a one-gallon jug of milk weighs about eight pounds. That same gallon jug of uranium weighs 150 pounds.

That means you can store a massive supply of energy in a small place. In fact, one uranium pellet the size of your finger tip has as much energy as one ton of coal, 149 gallons of oil, or 17,000 cubic feet of natural gas.

This makes nuclear power a reliable source of energy security. No need to worry about price fluctuations or supply disruptions when you can store a five-year supply of nuclear energy in a two-story house!

Now, I realize there are activists out there that would have you believe nuclear power is more dangerous than oil, gas, or coal… that it's bad for the environment and a threat to mankind.

But nothing could be farther from the truth.

The Safest Source of Electricity on the Planet

Of course, there are risks with any energy source. 

But unlike oil, gas, or coal… nuclear power has zero greenhouse gas emissions. That makes it the absolute safest energy for the environment. 

In fact, the United Nations says an investment of $1.5 trillion in nuclear power over the next five years alone is needed to save the planet.

Even Greenpeace founder Patrick Moore – a guy clearly concerned with the environment – says nuclear is the way to go. He even left Greenpeace to work with the Nuclear Energy Institute.

But its safety goes even further. Just take a look at this chart:

Not only is nuclear power safer than oil, natural gas, and coal…

But it's also safer than wind, solar, and hydro!

When it comes right down to it, nuclear is the ultimate power source. 

No wonder some countries, like France, rely on nuclear power for over 75% of their electricity.

Imagine what would happen to them if nuclear power got knocked off the grid…

France is the fifth biggest economy in the world… $2.7 trillion!

They are home to 31 of the biggest Fortune 500 companies on the planet. In fact, there are more Fortune Global 500 company headquarters in Paris than in Beijing, New York, London, or Munich.

Imagine the chaos if France suddenly lost 75% of their electricity…   

And by the way, do you think France is worried about what's happening in Russia and Ukraine right now?

Look: 40% of Europe's gas and oil comes from Russia, and much of it flows through Ukraine. 

It's hard to feel a sense of energy security when a geopolitical crisis could cut off your supply.

But here's the thing: France couldn't care less about Russia. Why? Because they've got an ample supply of nuclear power… their very own source of energy security.

And France isn't the only one. 

Sixteen countries depend on nuclear power for at least a quarter of their electricity.

Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovenia, and Ukraine get one-third or more.

South Korea, Bulgaria and Finland get more than 30% of their power from nuclear energy, while the U.K., Spain and Russia get one fifth of their electricity from nuclear power.

In the U.S., nuclear power lights one in five homes at the cost of 2.4 cents per hour. 

Listen, you simply can't replace that with oil, gas, and coal.

It would be both an economic and an environmental disaster…

Just look what happened to Japan… 

The Asian Premium is Crushing Japan

After the 2011 nuclear accident, Japan abandoned nuclear power. In fact, they shut down 52 plants, accounting for roughly 30% of their electricity.

Thing is, Japan has virtually no fossil fuel resources of their own.

No oil. No coal. No natural gas.

Nuclear was their ticket to energy independence, and they gave it up.

In an effort to replace nuclear, Japan has turned to liquefied natural gas (LNG). 

The result? Japan's LNG imports have jumped 30%… and the cost has DOUBLED!

As you can imagine, fuel imports are absolutely crushing Japan's economy.

You see, countries that supply LNG know that Japan is at their mercy. With none of their own energy sources, Japan either pays the demanded rate… or the lights go out.

Consequently, Japan is paying a huge premium for their LNG.

In the business, we call this the "Asian Premium"… and it's no small sum. 

Listen to this: Japan is currently paying $20.12 per million BTU for LNG.

The price in the U.S. is only $5 per million BTU.

That's a premium of about 400%!

And without nuclear power, Japan has no choice but to pay… and pay… and pay.

Like I said, it's battering Japan's economy. 

In some industries, electricity bills have increased five-fold.

Things are so bad that Japanese corporations have needed government bailouts to off-set soaring energy costs.

In 2013, Japan racked up a record trade deficit of $113 billion… their first trade deficit in 30 years! 

And their gross public debt is more than $10 trillion…

That's 250% of their GDP. In other words, Japan is under water and sinking fast.

To make matters worse, Japan's carbon dioxide emissions soared after they abandoned nuclear. In fact, they emitted a staggering 1.207 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide in 2013.

They're going broke and killing the planet at the same time…

Like I said, you simply can't replace nuclear power with oil, gas, or coal. Japan proves it.

And listen: Giving up nuclear power has put Germany in the same bind…

800,000 Germans Left in the Dark!

After the 2011 accident in Japan, Germany had a political knee-jerk reaction, and decided to get rid of nuclear power.

Problem is, like Japan, Germany doesn't have any of their own fuel sources. Consequently, they've been forced to fill the void with U.S. coal, Russian gas and oil, as well as nuclear power they're sneaking in from Poland.

The result has been a nightmare… 

Electricity prices in Germany are soaring. In fact, they've tripled… a 300% increase.

Prices have run up so far, so fast… that 800,000 German households are no longer able to pay their electricity bills.

It's estimated that if the increases continue, Germans' electricity bills will be higher than the rent they pay for housing.

And Germany's economy is taking a hit as well. In fact, a jobs panic is in full swing as prized German industries threaten to leave the country for cheaper electricity bills elsewhere.

Bottom line: Electricity prices are soaring. Blackouts are threatening. The people are suffering. The economy is faltering.

And to complicate the problem, carbon dioxide levels have skyrocketed. In fact, Laszlo Varro of the International Energy Agency estimates that Germany's nuclear phase-out has caused a 25-million-ton annual increase in carbon dioxide emissions.

Do you think for a minute countries like the U.S., Russia, China, or Brazil want to end up like Germany or Japan?

Do you think countries want more air pollution… higher electricity bills… and shrinking industries?

Bottom line: Nuclear power is not replaceable. You try, and you lose. Big time.  

And make no mistake: There's absolutely no way world leaders are going to let nuclear power – 16% of the entire world's electricity – get knocked off the grid. Not a chance.

They'll stop at nothing to keep the lights on….

This creates a remarkable opportunity for you.

Remember: The last time this happened, people had a chance to turn $1,000 into $1 million.

You've got the exact same opportunity today… 

I'll show you how to play it in a moment for maximum upside potential. In fact, I'll give you a number of ways to play this so you can pick and choose.

But first, let's look at the current supply and demand numbers so you can see just how imminent this opportunity is…

Uranium Demand is Off the Charts

Right now, there are 434 nuclear plants worldwide consuming about 180 million pounds of uranium per year. 

Annual supply is only about 140 million pounds per year.

That's a 40 million pound supply gap! And it's only going to grow…

Already, there are plans to add 553 more nuclear plants worldwide… 70 of which are already under construction or ready to come online.

That's more than DOUBLE… and it's only the beginning. 

China is currently building 30 new nuclear plants and plans to expand their use of nuclear power by 10-fold in the coming years. 

That's a 1,000% increase. And they aren't alone…

India plans to add 63 new plants… expanding their nuclear program by 300%.

Vietnam plans to expand nuclear power by 400%…

Turkey plans to expand by 400%…

Thailand plans to expand by 500%…

Brazil plans to expand by 250%…

I could go on and on…

The U.S. is planning 27 new nuclear plants. 

Russia is planning 59…

South Korea has plans for an additional 11 nuclear plants.

Even oil-rich Saudi Arabia is planning 16 nuclear plants at the cost of $80 billion.

In all, 48 countries around the world are turning to nuclear power.

Now, what do you think this is going to do to the demand for uranium?

That's right… it's going to send it soaring off the charts.

At the same time, supply has slowed to a dribble. Let me show you why…

A 95% Supply Cut

As I mentioned, during the last uranium boom, prices soared 13-fold… to hit $140 per pound. 

And listen: The price might be twice that high today except for one thing.

As you may know, on March 11, 2011, an earthquake hit Japan. Near the quake's epicenter, the Fukushima Nuclear Plant sustained major damage.  

The impact on the uranium industry was profound…

Japan, the world's third largest user of nuclear power, shut down its entire nuclear industry…

In fact, they closed 52 plants!

This immediately ripped 20 million pounds of uranium demand out of the market.

At the same time, Japan's nuclear plants flooded the market with 15 million pounds of uranium they no longer needed.

This 35 million pound demand/supply swing drove uranium prices down to where they sit today: $35 per pound… an eight-year low.

And herein lies the opportunity…

You see, $35 per pound is unsustainable.

The price must rise or nuclear plants around the world are going to shut down. 

That's 16% of the entire world's electricity… GONE.

You see, the cost for miners to pull uranium out of the ground is $70 per pound.

At a market price of $35 per pound, the miners aren't even covering half of their cost, let alone making a profit.

They're losing money with every pound they produce! 

Consequently, they have absolutely no incentive to produce uranium.

In fact, many miners have closed up shop and gone home.

As a result, the supply field has evaporated, from about 500 companies at the peak of the last uranium boom, to about 15 today, according to one industry expert.

That's a 95% supply cut! 

And as a result, supply is not even coming close to meeting surging demand. As I mentioned, we're already looking at a 40 million pound supply gap.

The only thing keeping the lights on is existing stock piles, and those are disappearing fast.

In fact, one of these stockpile sources, called Megatons-to-Megawatts, a program in which Russia supplied uranium by using disarmed nuclear weapons… has ended.

Russia made their last shipment of uranium in December 2013.

That's an estimated 25 million pounds of annual supply GONE.

And things are getting worse by the day…

That's because the remaining uranium companies simply aren't going to produce at $35 per pound. In fact, they need the price to go to at least $70 to break-even.

The price must go up – to at least $70 per pound – or uranium supply will disappear.

Bottom line: Prices rise or we are facing an electricity crisis of epic proportions.

Remember, nuclear power accounts for 16% of the entire world's electricity. You take away 16% of the world's electricity, and there would be absolute chaos. 

We're talking a crisis that would be measured in human lives and trillions of dollars…

They're Playing Hardball

This puts the remaining uranium companies in a very powerful bargaining position. 

Think about it. These guys are holding all the cards. They control 16% of the world's electricity… and they're going to get what they want: higher uranium prices.

Already, we're seeing the remaining uranium companies playing hardball. In fact, they're delaying operations and even refusing to enter into new long-term contracts until prices rise. 

One miner put their Olympic Dam project on hold – that's 32 million pounds per year.

Another miner put their Imouraren project on hold – that's another 11 million pounds per year.

Still another miner put their Trekkopje project on hold – good for another 8 million pounds.

And Kazakhstan, the number one country for uranium supply, has made it clear they're not interested in seeing any production increases until prices rise.

Annual uranium demand already exceeds supply by 40 million pounds.

And as miners hold back on production, that gap is going to grow. Existing stockpiles are the only thing filling the void right now, and those are disappearing at the rate of 465,000 pounds per day. 

They might only last six months…

Again, the price of uranium must rise – to at least $70 per pound – or the lights go out.

Uranium Has Zero "Price Friction"

And here's something very important: The price of uranium has very little "price friction"…

In other words, there's nothing stopping it from going straight up… right through the roof.

Here's why:

Uranium is very powerful. In fact, one pellet of uranium the size of your fingertip has as much energy as one ton of coal… 149 gallons of oil… or 17,000 cubic feet of natural gas.

Consequently, uranium – the fuel itself – makes up a very small percentage of the total cost to run a nuclear plant… less than 5%.

In other words, the cost of uranium is incidental to the overall cost of running a plant. The big cost, over 95%, is in the plant itself.

Consequently, the price of uranium is not that important to nuclear plants…

"Even if prices tripled from where they are today, it would not impact the bottom line for utilities because fuel is just a small part of their operating cost," explains Jonathan Hinze, an energy analyst with Ux Consultants.

The plants are much more concerned with a reliable and ample supply of uranium. And they're more than happy to pay higher prices – much higher – if it ensures a steady supply of uranium.

Make no mistake: Once their supply is threatened, once they feel the pressure of disappearing stockpiles, the nuclear plants are going to panic and drive prices through the roof.

And once the price starts to move higher, it will just keep on going…

This is what happened in 1973 when the price of uranium soared 10-fold. It's what happened in 2003 when the price of uranium soared 13-fold.

And it's what's going to happen again, for the third time, very soon. The pendulum is starting to swing, and now's the time to act.

Again, annual uranium demand exceeds supply by 40 million pounds. The only reason prices haven't already spiked is existing stockpiles. And these are disappearing fast… at the rate of 465,000 pounds per day.

And here's the kicker…

Japan's Nuclear U-Turn

Japan is restarting their nuclear plants…

Why? Because they have no choice!

Remember, Japan tried to do without nuclear power and it was a disaster. Electricity bills in Japan soared five-fold. The cost of their liquefied natural gas doubled. They racked up a record trade deficit of $113 billion… their first deficit in 30 years…

And their debt now stands at a staggering 250% of GDP.

This is unsustainable. 

Either Japan goes back to nuclear power, or the country will never recover.

Already, Japan's new Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, has promised the restart of nuclear power, saying it's vital to keep Japan competitive.

In fact, Japan is so eager to relaunch their nuclear industry, they just inked a deal with Uzbekistan to supply them with uranium. 

In addition, they've submitted applications to restart their plants.

Make no mistake, nuclear power is back in Japan…

And remember, Japan's plants are built and ready to go. This means an immediate uranium demand spike of over 35 million pounds.

There simply isn't enough supply to handle this. Prices must rise, and you can make a fortune when they do.

This has happened twice before…

The first time, in the 1970s, uranium prices soared 10-fold… and early investors saw 100-fold gains on uranium stocks.

The second time it happened was in 2003. And the conditions were almost identical to today.

Excess supply pushed uranium price down to $10 per pound… about half of break-even. Suppliers stopped supplying. Stockpiles depleted. And the price of uranium took off.

In fact, it soared 13-fold. 

Amazing. But nothing compared to what uranium stocks did…

One company, Paladin Energy, went from 1 cent to $10 per share. That's good enough to turn $1,000 into $1 million in four years.

Imagine if you had put $10,000 into that trade. You could now be sitting on $10 million.

Mark my words: This is happening again, right now, for the third time.

In fact, the opportunity today is even better than the last time uranium skyrocketed. 

The War Chest Is Bursting!

As I mentioned, the supply field has narrowed from about 500 to 15 companies…

According to investment guru Rick Rule, a man who turned $15 million into $445 million for his clients during the last uranium boom, the remaining uranium companies are all "pre-capped." 

What that means is, during the last uranium boom, these companies took huge amounts of investment capital from other investors… and sunk it into their uranium operations.

And now they are literally sitting on hundreds of millions of dollars of investment in equipment, infrastructure, permits, and geologists.

In other words, their "war chests" are loaded to the brim!

But here's the thing… because of low uranium prices, this immense capital investment isn't reflected in their share price.

In other words, these are world-class companies… armed to the teeth… selling for pennies on the dollar. 

When the price of uranium starts to rise, these companies are set to make money hand over fist. They won't have to invest another penny.

Consequently, their stocks are going to go through the roof. 

And while I can't promise we'll see a 100,000% rise like Paladin did last time… the upside potential is there. At the same time, these companies have very little downside because uranium prices are at an eight-year low. 

I'm telling you without hesitation, this is as sure a bet as you can make and the time to strike is now.

According to Rob Chang, an analyst at Cantor Fitzgerald, uranium is set for a "violent move higher."  

The pendulum has started to swing and already, the big boys are getting in. 

In fact, George Soros just doubled his bet on uranium. 

And get this: Goldman Sachs is sitting on over 5,500 tons of uranium!

That's right. They've got 11 million pounds of raw uranium stashed away in a warehouse… just waiting for this trade to play out.

I suggest you get in as well…

Now, let me show you four ways to play this for maximum gains…  

The Uranium Blue Chip

It would be impossible to talk about uranium without mentioning Cameco.

Cameco is the "blue chip" of the uranium industry. In fact, they are the world's largest publicly traded uranium company and account for 16% of global uranium production.

They've got uranium mines all over the world, with ore grades up to 100 times the world average. 

In 2012 alone, Cameco produced 22 million pounds of uranium… and have proven reserves of approximately 443 million pounds.

In other words, at current market prices, they're sitting on $15 billion worth of high-grade uranium. And that number could double, triple, or more as uranium prices rise.

Bottom line: If you're looking for a solid, blue chip energy company, Cameco can't be beat.

Of course, there's a downside to Cameco. You see, they have a massive market cap of nearly $10 billion.

From an investment stand point, you need to ask yourself, how much bigger can they get? And the thing is, they've already had their big run.

Their stock is trading at $23. Before the last uranium boom, it was trading at $2. That's over a 10-fold rise… a 1,000% gain.

Could it happen again? Maybe… but not likely. 

Listen, investing in Cameco would be like investing in any other blue chip… companies like Google, or Microsoft, or ATT.

You get quality… but the stock will move slowly. 

It comes down to this… if you're looking for a world-class "blue chip" that offers good upside, Cameco is a good bet. Again, the stock is trading at $23, and based on their uranium assets, as well as their well-diversified business model, I see the stock hitting $38 in the coming year.

Now let me tell you about another uranium company. It's a bit more of a "wild card," but as you'll see, the potential gains are absolutely breathtaking.

The Richest Man in Asia is Loading Up

If you're looking for maximum upside… and you could only own one uranium company to position yourself for the coming boom… this would be the one.

Years down the road, when people talk about the uranium boom of 2014… this is going to be the company they point to and say, "My God, I wish I'd gotten in."

You have a chance, right now, to do just that…

And listen, you'll be in very good company. In fact, some of the savviest minds in the world are taking a serious stake in this company.

For example, Li Ka-Shing – the richest man in Asia with a net worth of $33 billion – is loading up on this company.

Legendary investor Rick Rule, the man who turned $15 million into $445 million for his clients during the last uranium boom – a 3,000% return – is heavily involved as well.

And former U.S. Energy Secretary, Spencer Abraham, is so excited about this company, he became their Chairman of the Board.

The great part is, outside of the insiders and tycoons, no one knows about this company. 

In fact, they weren't even publically traded during the last uranium boom. Consequently, they didn't experience the huge price run-up that Cameco did.

I'm talking pure ground floor opportunity. And remember I told you about companies being "pre-capped" with fully loaded war chests? This company is a perfect example…

This company went public at the PEAK of the last uranium boom in 2007… issuing 89.5 million shares at the price of roughly $7.

In other words, they raised about $625 million… 

What did they do with the money? 

Simple. They invested in their future… and prepared themselves for the next boom.

They bought things like equipment, technology, infrastructure, permits, and mining rights… everything they needed to run a profitable operation.

But here's the thing… when uranium prices dropped, their stock price dropped to where it sits today – at about $1 per share, giving them a market cap of about $100 million

Now, this company's still got all the capital they invested – $625 million – in the form of equipment, mines, infrastructure, permits, surveys, etc.

From a pure asset stand point, this is a $625 million company… on sale today for about $100 million.

In other words, this company is holding $7 per share in assets… and you can buy it today for $1 per share.

What will the share price do when uranium prices return to normal levels? You're looking at a potential 6-fold gain right off the bat.

No wonder Rick Rule and Li Ka-Shing – the richest man in Asia – are salivating over this opportunity…

And it gets better… a lot better. 

In fact, this company has three things that give it a unique advantage that could send their share price through the roof.

America's Secret Uranium Source

First of all, unlike Cameco, this is not a foreign company. In fact, they're based right here in the United States… and own 25 uranium mines located in the U.S.

From an energy security standpoint, this is very important… 

You see, the U.S. uses roughly 50 million pounds of uranium per year. At the same time, only 5 million pounds of uranium is currently produced in the U.S.

This makes the U.S. dependent on foreign countries for 90% of their uranium. 

Think about that… the U.S. is more dependent on foreign uranium than they are on foreign oil!

Not a good place to be from an energy security standpoint considering the U.S. lights one in five homes with nuclear power.

In addition, the U.S. is facing a huge shortfall in uranium supply. As I mentioned, the Megatons-to-Megawatts program ended as of December 2013.

That's 25 million pounds of uranium per year… GONE.

The U.S. desperately needs a home-grown, domestic source they can depend on.

This company fits the bill. They give the U.S. a uranium source completely within their borders. 

As I mentioned, they're based in the U.S., and 25 of their mines are located in the U.S.

And these are not any ordinary mines. Let me explain…

The $30 Million Treasure Map

Uranium exploration has been going on in the United States since 1871.

And since that time, billions have been invested in exploration.

In other words, companies have spent a lot of money to find out where the uranium is located.

And here's the thing, this data have been meticulously logged and archived… 

In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy states that 516 million feet of uranium exploration and development drilling has been recorded in the U.S.

In other words, there's a map that narrows down where the uranium is… how much there is… what grade it is… everything you need to know.

In a stroke of pure genius, this company acquired the rights to data covering the historically rich uranium belts of Texas, Wyoming, New Mexico, Arizona, and 13 other U.S. states.

In fact, they've got drilling data, drill hole location maps, reserve and resource calculation reports, scoping studies, geological studies, and other vital strategic data.

Look, this data alone are worth a fortune. Think about it, other energy companies spent years – decades – and millions of dollars exploring and evaluating uranium mines.

In one case, a company spent $30 million on exploration. And that's just on one mine…

And now, this company has the map… a map no one else has!

That means when it comes to mining uranium, these guys aren't guessing like most miners. 

They don't have to spend months, years, or even decades looking for uranium.

They know where the uranium is, and they can go after it without wasting time, money, or resources.

Think of it like a treasure map, with a big "X" on it. All this company has to do is show up and pull the uranium out of the ground.

And that brings us to the third major advantage this company has… an almost unbelievable advantage that could send the stock price into the stratosphere.

Their Profits Could Soar 300-Fold!

As I mentioned, uranium mining has been going on in the U.S. since 1871.

And even after 143 years, most uranium is still pulled out of the ground using traditional mining methods.

In other words, rocks are pulled out of the ground. The rocks are broken apart, and the uranium is recovered.

This works. But it's expensive. In fact, it costs about $70 per pound to mine uranium using traditional methods.

But here's the thing, the company I've been telling you about doesn't use traditional methods.

In fact, they use a special technique called "In Situ Recovery"… or ISR.

This is actually pretty amazing. You see, with ISR, you don't have to pull rocks out of the ground. And you don't have to sift through rubble looking for uranium.

Instead, a solution is pumped into the ground. The solution dissolves the existing uranium. The solution is then sucked back out of the ground, bringing the uranium with it.

Amazing… and ISR is ridiculously cheap. Remember, it costs $70 per pound using traditional methods.

This company is using ISR to pull uranium out of the ground for $28 per pound! 

That's less than half the cost of traditional mining…

Throw in variable costs, and it's costing this company about $35 per pound to mine uranium…

Now, that's exactly what uranium is selling for today.

In other words, with uranium prices at $35 per pound, this company is operating at a little above break-even.

In fact, their gross profits are about $584,000. With annual production of about one million pounds, they're making 50 cents per pound.

And this is where things get interesting…

You see, this company freely admits they're holding back on production waiting for uranium prices to rise. And like I said, it's not just this company… it's the entire industry. 

Miners simply aren't going to produce for $35 per pound. Instead, they're going to pressure nuclear plants to pay at least $70 per pound.

Would a price double to $70 be realistic? It's not unheard of. Uranium prices soared 13-fold during the last boom. And $70 is only half of the $140 uranium hit during the last boom.

And remember, nuclear plants don't care what they pay for uranium. $35 per pound, $70 per pound, $140 per pound, $350 per pound…. It doesn't matter because the cost of uranium is such a small part of the total cost of running a nuclear plant.

Bottom line: Uranium can easily go to $70… probably a lot higher.   

Now check out these numbers…

At $70 per pound, this company has the capacity to produce five million pounds per year… five times their current production.

And while they're currently making about 50 cents per pound with uranium prices at $35… when prices go to the necessary $70… they're all of a sudden making $35 per pound.

And again, they have the capacity to produce five million pounds.

So instead of making 50 cents per pound on one million pounds… they'd be making $35 per pound on five million pounds.

When uranium prices rise, their gross profits could explode from $584,000 to about $175 million… a staggering 300-fold increase.

This is simple mathematics. And you have to ask yourself:

What would that do to their stock price? Could it rise 300-fold?

Well, it's happened before. In fact, in the last uranium boom, Paladin Energy soared 1,000-fold… turning $1,000 into $1 million. Look at the chart:

Of course, I can't promise that will happen. But even a fraction of that could change your life…

No wonder Rick Rule, one of the savviest resource investors on the planet, is heavily involved in this company.

No wonder Li Ka-Shing – the richest man in Asia – is backing up the truck for this company…

No wonder this company's insiders and institutions hold over 50% of the outstanding stock…

These guys, better than anyone, know exactly where this company is headed.

If you're going to invest in uranium, and want a real shot at life-altering gains, this is a must investment. 

In the coming months, I wouldn't be surprised to see savvy institutional investors begging to pay $5, $15, even $25 per share for this company.

You can get in today for $1 per share…

But you have to move fast… time is of the essence, and it could be a matter of days before this stock starts to move.

Once it does, it's going to go fast, so you need to get in now. 

In order to help you get in, I've put together a special report titled Ride the 2014 Uranium Boom that will give you all the details on this company including its name and stock symbol.

This report is yours, absolutely free. All I ask is that you give my investment research advisory service a risk-free try.

Let me show you how to do that now…

A $38 Trillion Tidal Wave of Opportunity

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You see, Energy Inner Circle is designed to exploit the energy market's most significant moves… before mainstream money does.

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As I mentioned, I've been an insider on the world energy scene for the last 35 years.

I'm an advisor to 27 world governments, including the United States, Russia, China, Iraq, Australia, and Kazakhstan. 

I've advised every major agency of the federal government on energy matters… not to mention numerous U.S. states and governors. 

Plus, just about every major energy company on the planet.

In fact, I'm a consultant to six of the world's top 10 oil producers, and I'm currently helping seven global oil companies restructure their businesses.

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Look, the world is driven by energy. It's a must have. And as the world population continues to explode… as developing nations grow their middle classes by leaps and bounds…

The demand for energy is going through the roof.

And that means big opportunities for you. 

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the world must invest $38 trillion in energy over the next 25 years to stop prices from soaring.

"This means, more or less, that $1.5 trillion is needed every year [over the next 25 years]," explains Chief Economist Fatih Birol of the IEA.

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Now, you're probably wondering: How much does all this cost?

That's the best part. In fact, I'll give you the good news in a moment. But first let me tell you about another uranium play that you need to know about…

They Created a Frenzy!

The company I told you about before is a U.S.-based miner with prime assets located throughout the United States. 

In fact, they are the perfect domestic uranium play, with staggering upside potential. As I showed you, their profits are poised to soar 300-fold… and the stock could follow right along.

But here's the thing, the nuclear power industry is much bigger than the U.S. And the opportunities to profit cover a wide spectrum that serious investors can't ignore.

One investment opportunity I've uncovered allows you to tap into the entire market… and profit from both rising uranium prices and the rapidly expanding nuclear power industry.

The exciting thing is, this investment gives you boots on the ground in the biggest uranium-producing countries in the world, including Canada, Australia, Kazakhstan, Niger, and Russia.

Plus, it gives you an interest in some of the most lucrative mining operations on the planet.  

For example, this investment gives you access to Canada's MacArthur River Project, the largest uranium mine in the world. By the way, the ore grades at this mine are over 100 times the global average, making this project insanely lucrative.

In addition, this investment gives you access to an exciting new uranium discovery in the world's most important uranium district: Saskatchewan's Athabasca Basin.

This discovery was so unexpected – and so potentially lucrative because of its high-grade ore deposits – that it created a "staking frenzy" as mining companies rushed to claim adjacent properties.

When you add it all up, this investment allows you to tap into $80 billion of proven uranium reserves… all for just $17.

As uranium prices rise – and remember, they need to double to keep the lights on – the value of these assets could double, triple, or more… sending this investment soaring.

And uranium is only the tip of the iceberg for this investment. In fact, this investment gives you access to every aspect of the nuclear power industry.

Mining, exploration, enrichment, fuel assembly, transportation, power generation, environmental services, and more… this investment covers it all. 

Listen, the nuclear power industry is going to expand rapidly in the coming years. Combine that with rising uranium prices, and this investment has the potential to double, triple, or more.

The great part is, because it taps so many different aspects of the nuclear industry, it's highly diversified… making it a very low-risk opportunity.

In order to get you in on this, I've included all the details in my special report Ride the 2014 Uranium Boom

The report will tell you everything you need to know about this investment. And guess what?

The report is yours free… just for giving Energy Inner Circle a try. Now, let me tell you about another uranium opportunity that you need to give serious consideration.

This is a unique twist on the coming uranium boom, and a chance for you to potentially double your money quickly, with reduced risk. Let me explain…

A Warehouse Full of High-Grade Uranium

I've shown you a domestic play on uranium… as well as an international opportunity that taps the entire nuclear power industry.

The opportunity I'm going to show you now is a pure price play… and allows you to profit from uranium's imminent rise with very minimal risk.

We've already established that uranium prices must rise. Right now, they're at $35 per pound.

But unless prices are at $70 per pound, miners are not going to produce. Stockpiles are vanishing at 465,000 pounds per day… and unless prices rise, the lights are going out.

Now, that's not going to happen. It would be catastrophic. And remember, nuclear plants don't really care what price they pay for uranium because it's such a small part of their total cost.

The plants are much more concerned with steady supply than price. Whether they pay $35 per pound… or $350 per pound… it doesn't really impact their bottom line.

They are much more concerned with a steady supply of uranium than the price.

Consequently, once uranium gets moving, there is no telling how high it could go. There's very little price friction. In other words, once it starts to rise, there is nothing to stop it.

This has happened twice before. In 1973, uranium prices jumped 10-fold… a 1,000% gain.

In 2003, prices soared 13-fold… a 1,300% gain. Good enough to turn $10,000 into $130,000…

While there's no guarantee that prices will go that high again, it is a near-certainty that they need to double to prevent a severe electricity crisis.

Now, the investment I'm tracking today is a new way to play uranium. It's the brainchild of resource billionaire Eric Sprott, and it wasn't even available during the last uranium boom.

This investment allows you to own pure uranium… and profit from the price rise… without actually having to take possession of the uranium yourself.

In fact, this investment allows you to participate in the coming uranium price rise… without the typical exploration, development or mining risks associated with owning stocks.

You see, this company does only one thing: Own uranium.

In fact, they have fully licensed warehouses throughout the U.S., Canada, and France chock-full of pure uranium. About 10 million pounds worth…

It's secure. Well-guarded. And by tapping this investment, it's yours!

Goldman Sachs is sitting on 5,500 tons of pure uranium… and now you can too.

What's the upside on this?

Well, the price of this investment follows the price of uranium. With uranium prices at an eight-year low… this is really ground floor. 

There is very little downside, and as uranium prices rise, you could almost certainly double your money. Maybe a whole lot more…

I've put all the details in my special report Ride the 2014 Uranium Boom

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Remember, we're facing an electricity crisis of epic proportions. 16% of the entire world's electricity is at risk. With uranium demand exceeding supply by 40 million pounds, the only thing keeping the lights on is existing stockpiles…

And those are disappearing at the rate of 465,000 pounds per day.

At best, they'll last six months.

This exact same thing has happened twice before. Both times, millionaires were created. The last time, you could have turned $1,000 into $1 million

The opportunity today offers similar potential… maybe even more.

No one is talking about this yet. It hasn't hit the news wires. The big brokerage houses are completely in the dark. And by the time most people hear this story, the big money will have already been made.

Ask yourself this… in a year's time, when people are talking about all the money made during the 2014 uranium boom, will you be celebrating… or will you be shaking your head, wishing you'd taken action when you had the chance?

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Dr. Kent Moors
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April 2014

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